Colin Cowherd Reveals Where Carson Wentz Should Go

Colin Cowherd Reveals Where Carson Wentz Should Go

The Philadelphia Eagles benched Carson Wentz this season with the understanding that doing so likely signaled the end of his time with the organization. It’s Jalen Hurts’ team now.

At this point, the question isn’t whether Wentz will get dealt over the offseason, but who will ultimately take a gamble on him.

This week, Colin Cowherd of Fox Sports offered an interesting potential suggestion that could work out for all parties involved: send Wentz to the Indianapolis Colts.

Philip Rivers is 39 years old, and although he has been fine as a starter this year, he is obviously not a long-term solution. Colts brass despises Jacob Brissett, so obviously he will never get a fair shake with the organization.

That leaves Wentz as a very logical long-term option.

“I want to see Carson Wentz and reunite with Frank Reich. The league is better when big, strong, athletic quarterbacks with big arms are winning,” Cowherd said.

“And when they were together, he was an MVP-level player. You can blame whomever you want, he has never been the same since losing Frank Reich… I think Carson Wentz has had to deal with a quarterback, Jalen Hurts, getting drafted in the second round.

“I think that’s hard. He’s got a trophy of Nick Foles outside the stadium. The only reason Nick Foles played home playoff games is because Carson Wentz got him home field playoff games. I’d love to see he and Frank Reich reunited.”

Prior to taking over as the Colts’ coach, Reich served as an offensive coordinator for the Eagles. Like Cowherd said, Wentz enjoyed his most productive years under his tutelage.

Could a reunion solve both Wentz’s and Reich’s problems? Absolutely.

Will it happen? It definitely should, but it’s difficult to say if it ultimately will.

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