Colin Cowherd Reveals Most Powerful Athlete In US History

Colin Cowherd Reveals Most Powerful Athlete In US History

Colin Cowherd Reveals Most Powerful Athlete In US History

Colin Cowherd spoke out this week regarding who he believes is the most powerful athlete in US history. In the Fox Sports radio host’s estimation, it isn’t even close.

The answer is LeBron James.

“LeBron James is obviously the most powerful NBA player,” Cowherd said on Friday.

“In my opinion, and it’s really been cemented in the last 24 hours, he’s the most powerful athlete in the history of America. Michael Jordan was more popular, but there’s a big difference between popularity and power. You read these stories on LeBron James – the entire league, including the owners, were waiting for LeBron to decide if they were going to play.”

To Cowherd’s point, James is pretty much universally regarded as the face of the NBA. No one else even comes close.

“I read two stories,” Cowherd continued.

“One by Chris Haynes, where Udonis Haslem basically said ‘Dude, you’re the face of the league, we’ll play if you want to.’

“The Milwaukee Bucks, according to sources, said ‘If LeBron says we’re playing, we’re playing, if not, we won’t.’ A lot of people love ‘ball’, Harden loves ball, Kawhi loves ball, Tom Brady loves ball, Michael loved ball, but LeBron is willing to deal with the burdens and responsibilities of true power.”

Cowherd firmly believes that one of the reasons why James has accumulated so much power is because of the time period in which he plays. Objectively, today’s stars have much more leverage than those of years past. But that is not the only reason.

“There are a series of circumstances that have made LeBron the most powerful athlete in the history of America,” Cowherd said.

“Number one, he’s the best NBA player in a league where players control it. Number two, he’s the most politically active. Number three, his career has lasted a long time, and he was on the cover of Sports Illustrated in high school 19 years ago. Number four, He’s best friends with a lot of the other stars, MJ was not. Number five, He’s the most media savvy player I’ve ever seen.”

On Saturday evening, James’ Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Portland Trail Blazers to advance to the second round of the NBA Playoffs.

Following the game, the 35-year-old reflected on Wednesday’s decision by the Milwaukee Bucks to launch a player-led NBA strike, and what has transpired since then.

“From that point on, my mind began to figure out what is the plan going forward, and if we don’t have a plan, then what are we talking about, why are we still here?” he said.

“That’s where my mind went to. At one point there was no plan of going forward, there was no plan of action. I’m not, me personally, I’m not that type of guy. I’m not the type of guy who, one, doesn’t have a plan, and then isn’t ready to act on it as far as action, so we had a couple days to kind of figure it out.”

Eventually, on Friday morning, a deal was worked out between the NBA’s players, owners, league representatives and union.

How does James feel about that plan? About as well as he could.

“Yeah, there was some doubt,” he said.

“But when you’re able to put that you feel that’s very important, that can change the landscape of what’s going on right now, both on and off the floor, then you can have more clarity.

“Myself having more clarity, and every other player in the league having more clarity on us going forward with the initiatives that were put together over the last couple of days.”

Although there are some questions regarding how much overall impact James had on the decision to keep playing, Cowherd’s larger point stands. The Lakers star is undeniably the biggest name and most high-profile star in modern sports history. Maybe even all of sports history.

What James will ultimately end up doing with all his ‘power’ when everything is said and done? That still remains to be seen.

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