Colin Cowherd Has Message For Browns, Bengals

Colin Cowherd Has Message For Browns, Bengals

Colin Cowherd Has Message For Browns, Bengals

Colin Cowherd has a message for the Browns and Bengals.

That message?

One of you will have a very good quarterback next season, and the other will not.

With memories of Monday night’s National Championship Game still fresh in his mind, Cowherd took to the airwaves on Tuesday.

Speaking on his radio show, Cowherd suggested that Joe Burrow’s stellar showing in the title game was great for Cincinnati and simultaneously very bad news for Cleveland.

The Bengals have the number one overall pick in the looming NFL Draft. They are expected to select Burrow and install him as the team’s new franchise quarterback.

Cowherd thinks that is a great move for them.

Unfortunately, he also believes that it is disastrous for the Browns, who will not have the worst quarterback situation in the division.

“The loser last night is Baker Mayfield,” he said.

“This year, the AFC North was wide open. Lamar was still a baby. Big Ben got hurt and the Bengals were playing Ryan Finley. But Baker was doing 26 commercials and was simply not mature enough to take it over.

“Now, Joe Burrow enters the division … and Baker’s now suddenly the fourth best quarterback in that division.”

Cowherd has been a frequent critic of Mayfield’s, so it is important to view his commentary with that context in mind.

That said, it is also difficult to argue with its substance.

Assuming Ben Roethlisberger comes back strong and Burrow develops the way most expect him to, Cleveland may very well have the worst quarterback situation in the AFC North come the 2020 season.

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