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Alabama Star Rejects Nick Saban, Leaves School

Alabama Star Rejects Nick Saban, Leaves School

Alabama Star Rejects Nick Saban, Leaves School

An Alabama star rejected Nick Saban and left the school this week.

Former high school star Jerome Ford has been consistently dissatisfied with his usage as a member of the Crimson Tide.

As such, about a week ago, he announced that he was leaving Tuscaloosa for greener pastures.

The assumption was that it would take him some time to find his next landing spot.

It did not.

On Tuesday, Ford took to social media and announced that he was taking his talents to Cincinnati.

Ford, a 4-star running back coming out of high school, is ranked as the 12th best all-purpose back in the country.

Standing at 5-foot-11 and 206 pounds, he has all the raw talent to be a real difference maker.

Unfortunately, he just could not really crack Saban’s offensive rotation.

Ford played in four outings this year, one of which was a start. His totals through those games were 114 yards and three scores on 24 carries.

It remains to be seen what impact he will ultimately have on Cincinnati’s offense and whether he will be permitted to play right away.

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  1. Such a shame to lose a talented player. For every wannabee out there there are 10 more willing to SACRIFICE, PUT IN the HARD work, SACRIFICE………sounds like this young man thought he was to be the center piece of Bama’s winning dynasty. You must crawl before you can walk. You get out of it exactly what you put into it. Saben may not be the most loving and cordial guy out there, but he teaches his players how to get to the next level and how to conduct yourself once you get there. Those that have gone on to the NFL give lots of praise to Saben and his coaching staff for assisting these men to achieve everything they want both on and off the field. He reminds me of another man that use to coach. His name was Paul BEAR BRYANT. He knew a thing or two about winning. You wouldn’t have lasted a day under Coach Bryant. Not everyone is a clone of Tom Brady.
    It appears that this youngster doesn’t have what it takes to be a member of the Alabama Crimson Tide. Good luck up there in Cincinnati. You say they play football huh? Must be on a totally different level than Alabama.

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