Clippers Star Mocks LeBron James After Lakers Win

Clippers Star Mocks LeBron James After Lakers Win

Clippers Star Mocks LeBron James After Lakers Win

Los Angeles Clippers star Patrick Beverley mocked Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James following their game on Sunday afternoon.

James, 35, cemented himself as an MVP frontrunner this weekend when he led his Lakers to a big 112-103 victory over the Clippers.

All in all he scored 28 points, dished out nine assists and pulled down seven rebounds in the win.

Thanks to that effort, the Lakers now sit at 49-13 – good for first place in the Western Conference.

While most came away from the outing with a newfound appreciation for how good James still is after all these years, Beverley was not one of those people.

“Can you describe the challenge it is defensively when LeBron…” a reporter asked after the outing.

“No challenge,” Beverley replied.

A reporter then followed up with a similar question.

“Could you describe as a defender what it’s like when he tries to force…”

Beverley cut him off before he could even finish.

“It’s not hard at all,” he said.

This is not the first time Beverley refused to give James due credit for his performances.

Despite the Lakers’ big win on Sunday, the Clippers still hold a 2-1 season series lead over them after three games.

These two teams are due to square off one more time before the end of the year – and from there it would not be all that shocking to see them square off in the playoffs.

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