Cleveland Indians Preparing To Sign Yasiel Puig?

Cleveland Indians Preparing To Sign Yasiel Puig?

Cleveland Indians Preparing To Sign Yasiel Puig?

Are the Cleveland Indians preparing to sign Yasiel Puig? All signs are pointing in that direction.

Once upon a time Puig was one of the most feared hitters in the league. Between his undeniable skill and massive personality, he was an instant star.

Unfortunately, these days his name recognition far exceeds his on-field production.

Last season, Puig played in 149 outings for the Indians and Cincinnati Reds. In the process he recorded an underwhelming .785 OPS and was not particularly strong defensively in right field.

It was not a great campaign for a player trying to justify his worth to organizations.

That said, Puig can still contribute on some level. Over the past three years he has racked up a .811 OPS, 75 home runs and 7.8 rWAR. Although those numbers obviously don’t jump off the page, they are still solid enough to warrant a place in the rotation for many organizations.

Cleveland, in particular, need an upgrade from Greg Allen in right field. Puig can fit that role. Domino Santana should be solid in left field, and Puig can be a nice little placeholder in right field until someone better comes along.

According to Bleacher Report, other teams who may have interest in giving Puig a shot include the Texas Rangers, Seattle Mariners, San Diego Padres, Los Angeles angels, St. Louis Cardinals and Miami Marlins.

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