Denver Broncos May Sign Tom Brady, Says ESPN

Denver Broncos May Sign Tom Brady, Says ESPN

Denver Broncos May Sign Tom Brady, Says ESPN

The Denver Broncos may sign Tom Brady, says ESPN.

Although the Broncos seemingly have their quarterback of the future in place with Drew Lock, some think that is not enough.

According to The Spun, ESPN NFL insider Jeremy Fowler recently suggested that Denver may make a play for Brady, a soon-to-be unrestricted free agent

The 42-year-old is set to hit the market officially on March 18, and at that point fireworks will erupt.

To date, Brady has been linked to the Los Angeles Chargers, Las Vegas Raiders, Tennessee Titans, Indianapolis Colts and Tampa Bay Buccaneers in various capacities.

And that is to say nothing of the fact that the New England Patriots are still the odds-on favorites to retain Brady no matter what.

Brady essentially has two things that he is looking for heading into free agency.

First and foremost, he wants to be fairly compensated in what will likely be the final contract of his career. At this point, it is looking like he will command a two-year, $60 million deal regardless of where he goes.

Secondly, he wants support. Brady is reportedly tired of the lack of talent he has had to deal with on the offensive side of the ball ever since Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski retired.

So where do the Broncos come into the equation? Fowler reiterated this week that the Patriots are still the team everyone around the league expects Brady to land with. That said, he also described the Broncos as a “Wild Card” destination.

While anything is possible, it is difficult to envision a scenario where Brady really ends up going to Denver.

Putting aside the fact that the team is extremely far from competing for a title, it also just happens to be where Brady’s rival Peyton Manning finished out his career.

Would Brady really want to have those comparisons hanging over his head? Particularly given the fact that Manning actually won a title with Denver? Probably not.

Brady will almost certainly remain with the Patriots, but if he doesn’t, there are about four teams that have a better shot of coming away with him than the Broncos do.

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