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Clemson Will Not Make College Football Playoff, Says ESPN

Clemson Will Not Make College Football Playoff, Says ESPN

Clemson Will Not Make College Football Playoff, Says ESPN

Clemson will not make the College Football Playoff, says ESPN.

Heading into Tuesday’s night’s initial College Football Playoff rankings, many wondered where the defending champions would land.

Entering the season the Tigers were the consensus No. 1 team in the nation. Despite not losing a single game all year long, they have been continuously demoted for a perceived weak schedule.

When it was all said and done on Tuesday, the undefeated defending champions were ranked No. 5 behind Ohio State, LSU, Alabama and Penn State.

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Clemson was essentially penalized because everyone believes the ACC is weak and people still remember how close they came to losing to North Carolina.

Now, on the positive side, with Alabama and LSU set to face off this Saturday, there is a very good chance that Clemson replaces the loser so long as they win out.

On the negative side, though, ESPN insider Andrea Adelson sees a scenario where even an undefeated Clemson squad may miss the postseason.

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“I am not 100 percent convinced on that. Clemson is going to have 1 game against a ranked team left, against Wake Forest, and if they win, Wake Forest will more than likely fall from the rankings,” Adelson tweeted.

“Conceivable Clemson ends the season with 0 Top 25 wins. It’s not a slam dunk.”

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When a fan suggested that winning out would guarantee a playoff berth for the Tigers, Adelson was not so certain.

“I think there is a shot yes,” she replied.

“I don’t know how probable it is, but I’m not ready to say it’s a 100 percent guarantee undefeated Clemson is in especially if they struggle down the stretch or need OT to win the ACC Champ Game.”

Would the defending champions really miss the College Football Playoff if they went undefeated?

It seems unlikely, but we will find out for certain in a few weeks.

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