Chiefs’ Tyreek Hill Goes Viral Over Tip (Photo)

Chiefs’ Tyreek Hill Goes Viral Over Tip (Photo)

Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill is no stranger to making headlines. Whether he’s drinking suspicious-looking liquids during games, physically attacking his coaches, or making controversial entrances – he knows how to leave an impression.

It was more of the same this week.

Last Wednesday Hill and his girlfriend visited a restaurant.

After their meal, they did what everybody does once they’re done eating – pay the bill.

Pretty uncontroversial, right? Wrong.

The pair’s receipt ended up going viral over what they left in the tip line – a big, giant goose egg.

Chiefs’ Tyreek Hill Goes Viral Over Tip (Photo) 1

After getting a bunch of backlash, Hill responded to the criticism in the only way he knows how to.

That said, some fans did come to Hill’s defense.

Hill signed a three-year, $54 million contract with the Chiefs last year. Does that mandate him to leave big tips at restaurants? That’s for everyone to decide on their own.

A few months back, LeBron James went viral for a similar tipping issue.

It’s safe to assume that this probably isn’t the last time an athlete will land in hot water for something of this nature.

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