Chiefs Star Has Bold Message For Niners

Chiefs Star Has Bold Message For Niners

Chiefs Star Has Bold Message For Niners

A Chiefs star had a bold message for the Niners this week.

Defensive end Frank Clark is known for his big talk.

Heading into the AFC Championship Game against the Tennessee Titans, he dismissed the skills of running back Derrick Henry and said that his team would be able to stop him.

At the time, Henry had successfully dispatched the New England Patriots in the Wild Card Game and the Baltimore Ravens in the Divisional Round Game.

Despite Henry seeming like he was from another planet over that stretch, Clark did precisely what he said he would do and helped shut the talented running back down.

As a result, his squad now has a date with San Francisco in Super Bowl LIV.

“I don’t compare myself to no other defensive end in the league,” he told reporters.

“I feel like my skill set is unique, especially, you talk about Frank Clark when I’m healthy, I don’t feel like there are a lot of defensive ends who can compete with me or play football at the level I play at.

“I play at an extremely high and aggressive level where I don’t tolerate a lot of stuff that offensive players try to do.

“I’m sure he’s going to block and do all those good things and make catches and stuff but at the end of the day, Frank Clark is going to be on the field and they have to see me.”

So far in the playoffs Clark has been an absolute beast.

Will he be able to keep it going against the 49ers? We’ll find out once and for all come this weekend.

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