Chiefs’ Andy Reid Sent Dolphins’ Brian Flores A Special Gift

Chiefs’ Andy Reid Sent Dolphins’ Brian Flores A Special Gift

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid sent Miami Dolphins head coach Brian Flores a very special gift.

At the end of the 2019 regular season, Flores’ Dolphins defeated the New England Patriots 27-24. The victory gave the latter group five wins on the year and the former team four total losses.

Four losses by the Patriots was enough to deliver a first round bye to the Chiefs.

On Wednesday, Reid confirmed that he sent a special present to Flores for a job well done last year.

“Andy Reid, with a few of us South Florida reporters, confirms he sent KC barbecue to Brian Flores after Dolphins win at NE to end last season helped Chiefs playoff seed en route to Super Bowl title,” Barry Jackson reported.

Interestingly enough, that loss by the Patriots had some pretty serious ramifications for all parties involved.

New England did not have a bye heading into the playoffs, leading to a brutal defeat at the hands of the Tennessee Titans.

In the offseason, quarterback Tom Brady left the team for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Without Brady to lead the offense, the Patriots are currently 6-6 in the AFC East – good for third place in the division. Tampa Bay, meanwhile, is 7-5 and desperately trying to secure a playoff bid with  Brady struggling badly under new head coach Bruce Arians.

It seems fair to wonder whether Brady might have stayed and fortunes might have changed if the Patriots ultimately did better to close out 2019-20.

While the Patriots and Brady are having a tough time this year, the Dolphins seem to have turned a corner.

Building on the momentum they picked up at the end of last season, Miami is now 8-4 on the year and legitimately pushing the Buffalo Bills for the AFC East crown.

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