Chicago Bears Make Surprising 2020 Quarterback Move

Chicago Bears Make Surprising 2020 Quarterback Move

Chicago Bears Make Surprising 2020 Quarterback Move

The Chicago Bears made a surprising 2020 quarterback move this week.

Following a disappointing 2019 campaign that saw the team underperform in a season where fans had Super Bowl aspirations, Chicago has decided to double down.

Speaking to reporters, team general manager Ryan Pace informed one and all that Mitchell Trubisky would remain their starting quarterback next year.

“Mitch is our starter,” he said.

“We believe in Mitch, and we believe in the progress that he’s gonna continue to make,” Pace continued.

“Yes, we do [feel comfortable with Trubisky as the starter].

“I think with Mitch, as we go through it, we need more time in the coming months to evaluate everything, but the first thing that comes to mind for me is just consistency.

“You see moments, you see games, but for him [the issue is] stringing together better consistency,” he continued.

“So you have the peaks and valleys. We just need to flatten that out.”

Generally speaking, team general managers are not forced to commit to a quarterback this far out after a season as underwhelming as the one Chicago had.

Trubisky, the No. 2 overall pick out of North Carolina in the 2018 NFL Draft, has not performed to expectations.

The Bears traded up to get Trubisky, allowing the Kansas City Chiefs to select Patrick Mahomes and the Houston Texans to take Deshaun Watson.

Both guys have been significantly better than Trubisky to date.

There was some chatter towards the end of the season that Chicago might make a run at a veteran like Cam Newton or Philip Rivers, but apparently that is not going to happen.

For better or worse, Bears fans are stuck with Trubisky as their starter for at least one more year.

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