Carson Wentz Mad At Eagles For Drafting Jalen Hurts

Carson Wentz Mad At Eagles For Drafting Jalen Hurts

The relationship between Carson Wentz and the Philadelphia Eagles seems to be deteriorating rapidly. On the heels of their most recent defeat, a 23-17 disappointment versus the Seattle Seahawks, reports began emerging regarding Wentz’s disappointment in the franchise’s decision to draft Jalen Hurts.

“Using a second-round pick on a former national champion in Hurts was a bold move by Philadelphia, and a source with knowledge of the Wentz-Eagles dynamic said Wentz was not exactly thrilled with the pick,” Jeremy Fowler of ESPN reported.

“All that ground he gained over Nick [Foles], everything he fought past to get to this point, you pull it right back,” the source said.

“Here is your franchise quarterback, the guy you paid a lot of money to keep long-term, and he’s having to prove himself all over again.”

Ever since being selected by Philly in 2016, Wentz has suffered one significant injury after another. In 2017 it was a torn ACL. In 2018 a fractured back. Given that history, the Eagles could hardly be blamed for selecting a quarterback to serve as a backup for him should the seemingly inevitable happen.

Hurts enjoyed a lot of success in college, but nobody had him pegged as a prospect who was ready to start in the NFL right away. There was really no reason in the world for Wentz to feel threatened.

This most recent report reeks of damage control from Wentz’s camp, and it feels the smell test on multiple levels.

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