Carolina Panthers Make Unexpected Cam Newton Decision

Carolina Panthers Make Unexpected Cam Newton Decision

Carolina Panthers Make Unexpected Cam Newton Decision

The Carolina Panthers made an unexpected Cam Newton decision this week.

It appears the organization will wait for the former MVP to heal up, and then it will trade him to the highest bidder.

This past Wednesday, NFL insider Ian Rapoport appeared on Damon Amendolara’s show and told him he believed a Newton trade was imminent.

“My understanding is that the Panthers will look to [move] Cam Newton when he is healthy,” he said.

“He had surgery with hopes of being healthy in March, so that is the goal, so I would expect him to be healthy in March, right around there, and for them to seek a trade with him regardless.”

Over the past week, Carolina’s head coach Matt Rhule and new offensive coordinator Joe Brady have done a series of interviews. The one underlying theme of each one has been not committing to Newton as the franchise’s quarterback.

Speaking to reporters on Thursday, Brady was asked whether Newton would return as the Panthers starter in 2020.

The former LSU offensive guru refused to say yes, simply suggesting that he was “excited to get in touch” with Newton to discuss the future.

At a certain point, the non-answers become answers in themselves.

The writing is on the wall.

Newton has repeatedly expressed a desire to stay in Carolina, but ultimately told close confidants that he would be okay with a trade to the Chicago Bears.

Given the offensive calamity that occurred in the Windy City this past season, the Bears could do a lot worse than a healthy Newton at quarterback.

A final decision on Newton’s future likely will not be publicly announced for a few more months, especially not until he fully recovers. But privately, the former MVP’s future with the organization is already sealed.

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    1. Thank you, Chris. This is pure sensationalism. How has a decision been made if it “appears” that one has been made? Makes me wonder if this recent graduate ever took media ethics in college. Would be nice if he wrote about facts and supported them with multiple credible sources. That takes more time but it certainly helps the public trust the writer, which is what we all really want. Not disputing that exploring trade options makes good business sense. I hope it’s not the case though. Regardless, this story could have been written in a far more professional manner.

  1. When Newton leaves, so will my perm seat luv and I like others will not support this team. Denver Washington still have fans in C Carolina that was there before Panthers came along so if it’s goodbye Cam it’s also goodbye pay I. G fans.

  2. I think that the Panthers should at least see if he fits the new offensive scheme before making a decision on him staying with the team. He deserves to at least be given a chance to compete for the starting quarterback job

  3. They boy needs therapy real real bad or maybe he’s coming out of the closet. Either way he is about himself and forgot the tram comes first. He deserves to be fired like Antonio Felicia go play with yourself that’s really what you want to do

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