Carmelo Anthony Gets Brutally Honest About Zion Williamson’s Issues

Carmelo Anthony Gets Brutally Honest About Zion Williamson’s Issues

Carmelo Anthony is one of the most polarizing players of his generation.

Despite occasional questions about his fitness and dedication to the game, Anthony put together a Hall of Fame-worthy career before ultimately retiring last year

These days, another extremely talented player is facing questions about his conditioning and dedication to winning: Zion Williamson.

During a recent conversation with The Kid Mero on 7PM in Brooklyn, Anthony got brutally honest about Williamson.

“I think, from the beginning, there was so much put on Zion, like thrown at him,” he said.

“You have to be the next — you are the logo, you are the next guy. We haven’t seen [anything] like this since ’03. So because of that… this kid is [coming in at] 18 — this kid still wants to eat McDonald’s, this kid still wants to eat Chick-fil-A, this kid still wants to drink iced tea, man he’s from South Carolina… this is what they do — they eat…

“The fans want him to be Zion Williamson, the greatest thing since Wilt Chamberlain… but that’s not who he wants to be yet. So now he’s dealing with the mental aspect of ‘I just want to be 19, but it’s so much pressure…’ So you start battling that and now injuries come… so now it’s [that] he’s too heavy, he’s this, he’s that…

“He needs to be disciplines… You [are] not gonna have that longevity that we are talking about if you don’t have that discipline… my message Zion is discipline, do what you gotta do an embrace the white hat.”

At this point, everyone has offered their two cents on Williamson. His own trainer came out and called him fat.

Then Shaquille O’Neal called him lazy.

Now Anthony is weighing in.

Will Anthony, O’Neal and the rest of the people commenting on Williamson eventually get him to buy into their way of thinking? Time will tell.

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