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Arch Manning Undergoes Body Transformation At Texas (Photos)

Arch Manning Undergoes Body Transformation At Texas (Photos)

Arch Manning’s first year at Texas went more or less as expected. He didn’t get a ton of playing time behind Quinn Ewers, but when given he opportunity to step in, the 18-year-old made the most of it.

There is a reason why Manning’s highlight reel from the year that was with the Longhorns went so viral.

That being said, given the mania that surrounding Manning’s recruitment out of high school, folks can’t be blamed for being a bit underwhelmed with the end result. You will recall, a video set the internet ablaze of Manning jokingly committing to some blonde’s school of choice in bed.

That is how crazy things got at one point.

Because Manning didn’t get a ton of playing time in Year 1, he has consistently been linked to a possible transfer. One dark horse suitor of particular interest recently entered the equation, but it is hard to see Manning truly leaving Texas.

While he didn’t get a ton of playing time in 2023, it is worth noting that Manning did undergo a massive body transformation.

“Texas freshman QB Arch Manning has been grinding this year,” Anwar Richardson reported this week.

“When Manning stepped on campus in January, he weighed 210 pounds. I’m told Manning currently weighs 225 (all muscle). In addition, I’m told Manning has improved to the point where he can run the entire offense.”

The photo evidence seems to support this body transformation idea. He certainly looks bigger in his most recent photos than he used to:

Arch Manning Undergoes Body Transformation At Texas (Photos) 1

It will be interesting to see how Manning’s time with the Longhorns goes now that Maalik Murphy is transferring.

Clearly Murphy wouldn’t be taking this drastic step if he didn’t believe like he was about to get legitimate competition for his position.

Something is brewing.

Will 2024 mark the year Manning ascends to the top of Texas’ football program? Time will tell.

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