Carmelo Anthony Gets Brutally Honest About Joel Embiid

Carmelo Anthony Gets Brutally Honest About Joel Embiid

The Philadelphia 76ers beat the Los Angeles Lakers 105-87 this past week.

Joel Embiid finished with 26 points and nine rebounds on the day, dominating LA in every facet of the game.

Embiid’s efforts also shined a light on the major gap that presently exists between him and Anthony Davis.

After Embiid absolutely torched his Lakers, Carmelo Anthony couldn’t help but give due praise to the 76ers big man.

“His footwork is incredible, you know? Olajuwon-esque,” Anthony said.

“His post game is special. He’s seven-two, he’s big, he is hard to guard. I’ll just keep it a hundred with you; He is a very tough guy to check out there on the court. I love the fact that he is playing at his own pace right now.

“He’s found his pace to play at, and he’s taking the game a lot more serious now, as you can see — as we all can see. That’s why he is able to dominate the way that he is able to do now, and he’s playing at an all-time high right now.”

Embiid is not without his flaws. His notable personality issues are a matter of public record.

That said – there’s a reason stars around the league are excited by the prospect of playing alongside him. He’s that good.

Will this be the year Embiid finally takes home an MVP award? And then a title? Time will tell.

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