Cam Newton’s Crazy Hat Goes Viral (Photos)

Cam Newton’s Crazy Hat Goes Viral (Photos)

Cam Newton is something of a style aficionado. He wears things that regular people wouldn’t dare to put on, and more often than not, he pulls it off.

On Thursday, he decided to take a page out of New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick’s book.

Belichick is known for wearing hoodies with the sleeves cut off. Newton decided to do something similar, only with a hat.

The results were excellent.

Cam Newton’s Crazy Hat Goes Viral (Photos) 1

Newton’s remarkable wardrobe choices notwithstanding, he has a fun match-up scheduled for this weekend.

The former league MVP will square off against another former league MVP when the Patriots take on the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday.

Newton, for his part, was extremely complimentary of what Patrick Mahomes brings to the table.

“Man, he’s changing the game,” he said.

“I think he’s shined light on the new wave of quarterbacks, and it’s just fun to watch,” Newton continued.

“And not only that, but he has a lot of merit to what he does. It’s not like he’s just back there and it’s just an arcade game. Sometimes it looks like it, but he knows exactly what he’s doing and how he’s manipulating the defense.

“That’s the same thing that the Dan Marinos used to do, obviously the Tom Bradys, the Aaron Rodgers. Those guys really have so much command of the offense that you dictate to the defense, and that’s what he’s doing. He’s playing the game at a high level.”

Mahomes, meanwhile, was similarly effusive in his praise for Newton.

“I wish I could do some of the things that (Newton) does as far as how physical he is and the way he’s able to make plays happen,” Mahomes said.

“He’s a great football player. … I saw his highlights then when I was back in high school in those days. He’s a great football player, and he’s in a great spot now, and he’s playing really good football.

“I think it’s going to be a great challenge to go up against his team, knowing that they’re going to be able to really move the football.”

So far this year Mahomes has recorded 898 yards and nine touchdowns with zero interceptions on 68 percent efficiency.

Newton, meanwhile, has amassed 714 yards and two touchdowns with two interceptions on 68 percent efficiency. He has also rushed for 149 yards and four touchdowns, with no fumbles.

Earlier this week, Belichick spoke out about what facing off against someone like Mahomes entails.

“All the superlatives that have been said about him, I’d just be repeating them all,” he said.

“I mean they’re really good,” he continued.

“It starts with an MVP quarterback and great offensive coordinator and head coach. Andy [Reid] does a tremendous job putting pressure on the defense. They’ve got a lot of good skill players, a lot of experienced players. I think the backs are a big weapon for them, both in the running game and in the passing game.

“So, yeah, there’s a lot to stop. We’re just going to have to play good team defense and there’s no one guy you can key on, there’s no one guy that’s going to stop this offense. We’re going to have to play well collectively as a team.”

Sunday’s outing promises to be a fun one.

The Patriots and Chiefs will kick off Sunday at 1:25 pm PT on CBS.

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