Cam Newton To Sign With New Team After NFL Draft?

Cam Newton To Sign With New Team After NFL Draft?

Cam Newton To Sign With New Team After NFL Draft?

Will Cam Newton sign with a new team after the 2020 NFL Draft?

That appears to be the direction things are heading in.

According to ESPN NFL insider Jeremy Fowler, that seems to be what Newton wants to do.

“I spoke to a source close to Cam Newton and he’s willing to wait right now if he has to,” Fowler said Sunday.

“He’s going to be patient. He wants to get his spot back as a high-level starter. He’s highly motivated to do so. There simply aren’t a lot of starting jobs available.

“So if he has to wait until after the draft, or maybe somebody gets injured, he is willing to do that. He knows the Patriots or maybe one of those teams could be looking. He doesn’t know what they’re going to do, obviously, just yet. They haven’t played their hand.”

Where will Newton end up? Time will tell.

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