Cam Newton Makes Surprising Decision On Panthers Future

Cam Newton Makes Surprising Decision On Panthers Future

Cam Newton Makes Surprising Decision On Panthers Future

Cam Newton made a surprising decision on his Panthers future this week.

Ever since Ron Rivera’s firing late last year, it has seemed like Carolina was cleaning house.

Gone were the remnants of the organization’s Super Bowl run.

In were pieces that would ideally set up a future championship campaign.

Last month, the Panthers replaced Rivera with former Baylor head coach, Matt Rhule.

Rhule, in turn, hired offensive guru Joe Brady out of LSU to serve as his offensive coordinator.

Linebacker Luke Kuechly retired. Tight end Greg Olsen and the Panthers agreed to go their separate ways.

The only real remaining piece of the old era is Newton.

A few weeks back, NFL Network insider Ian Rapoport reported that Carolina would likely wait for him to get fully healed this summer – then trade him.

Obviously that is something Newton would need to be on board with, but Rapoport did not anticipate any issues there.

This past season, Newton appeared in just two outings for Carolina as a result of a foot injury.

Backup Kyle Allen replaced him for most of the year.

The big question heading into the offseason has been: what will happen with Newton and the Panthers?

Well, according to the former MVP, it appears he will be staying put.

While doing media this past week in the lead-up to Super Bowl LIV, Newton appeared on the Tiki and Tierney Show on CBS Sports Radio.

On the show, he was asked point blank: do you see yourself returning to the Panthers next year?

“Absolutely, absolutely,” he replied.

“It’s devastating to not have the coach that drafted you, but at the same time you have to turn the page.

“I had an unbelievable conversation with the general manager Marty Hurney, team owner David Tepper and Coach Rhule.

“I left that meeting inspired and told them ‘You won’t find another person in that locker room with more to prove.’”

Despite Newton’s statement, the Panthers have yet to offer any sort of confirmation that they would like him to return in 2020-21.

Privately, Newton has reportedly told close confidants that while staying in Carolina would be his first choice, he would also be okay with a trade to the Chicago Bears.

Where will Newton ultimately be playing next season? We’ll get an answer some point this summer.

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