Bulls’ Bizarre Reason For Refusing To Do Trades With Lakers

Bulls’ Bizarre Reason For Refusing To Do Trades With Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers are one of several team that have recently been linked to DeMar DeRozan.

A few days ago, because of how loud the rumors have been, DeRozan himself addressed the possibility of being traded to L.A.

Unfortunately, there may be one issue with a possible swap occurring between Chicago and Los Angeles.

This past week NBA insider Eric Pincus spoke with Jovan Buha and offered an interesting explanation for why the Bulls don’t want to do trades with the Lakers.

“In this industry you, you have to make the best decision for you as a team but people are petty and make stupid decisions all the time that like aren’t what’s best for you… Fans clamor for Alex Caruso right like for years,” he said.

“Like they should have gotten [Andre] Drummond and Caruso. I’m like go look at like the transaction logs of Lakers-Chicago like they don’t make trades together. Last one was like during when the Lakers were rebuilding and were terrible. The Bulls dumped like an older point guard, a Spanish point guard on them and I forget which one it was. It was a marriage of convenience that helped the Bulls.”

So why is this the case? Why don’t the Bulls like making trades with the Lakers?

“I think their owner doesn’t want LeBron infringing upon like Michael [Jordan’s] legacy,” Pincus continued. “…They’re just not going to help LeBron [James].”

Obviously Pincus’ opinion is just that – an opinion. But if he is right, that might be the single dumbest reason ever for a franchise refusing to trade with another franchise.

Spurs Also Refuse To Make Trades With Lakers

While the Bulls’ position as it pertains to trading with the Lakers is obviously odd, it isn’t the only one of its kinds.

Another team also refuses to help L.A. in any capacity.

That team? The San Antonio Spurs. Gregg Popovich’s reasoning speaks for itself.

With the Spurs and Bulls refusing to do anything of substance with the Lakers, this coming offseason should be very interesting for all parties involved.

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