Buccaneers Confirm They Don’t Want Jameis Winston Back

Buccaneers Confirm They Don’t Want Jameis Winston Back

Buccaneers Confirm They Don’t Want Jameis Winston Back

The Buccaneers confirmed they don’t want Jameis Winston back with comments head coach Bruce Arians made this past week.

It is something of an open secret that Tampa Bay does not hold Winston in high regard. Arians has taken multiple shots at the former Florida State star since the end of last season and made it clear that he is not a top priority for the organization.

Part of Arians’ frustration when it comes to Winston is the fact that things are either really good or really bad with him – there is no in-between.

He is either launching up awe-inspiring touchdown throws that leave your jaw on the floor or throwing the world’s dumbest interceptions.

This week, at the NFL Scouting Combine, Arians was asked point blank: do you feel like you can win with Winston as your starting quarterback.

As usual, Arians was extremely blunt and honest in his response.

“Five thousand yards and 30 touchdowns is awesome,” he said.

“Thirty interceptions … Can we win with Jameis? Hell, yeah. There’s no doubt. As a head coach, you have to decide ‘Is there a better option?’”

A reporter then asked a natural follow-up to that statement. Who would be a better option?

“Tom Brady,” he replied.

Arians’ honesty is refreshing, but still bizarre. Most of the time head coaches like to protect the fragile egos of young quarterbacks. That has not been the strategy in Tampa Bay, though.

Down the stretch of 2019, Winston managed to record six interceptions over the final two games of the year. That is not great.

On the year, Winston recorded 5,109 yards, 33 touchdowns and 30 interceptions. One season earlier, in 2018, he amassed 2,992 yards, 19 touchdowns and 14 picks.

The one thing that the 26-year-old has consistently proven over the course of his NFL career is that he has all the raw talent necessary to succeed in the pros – he is just missing some of the intangibles. Sometimes those can be developed. Sometimes they can’t.

As far as Brady goes – there is really no scenario where he ends up in Tampa Bay.

There have been multiple organizations linked to him in recent weeks that have no hope of actually landing the six time Super Bowl champ, and the Buccaneers join the Indianapolis Colts, Tennessee Titans and Las Vegas Chargers in that camp.

More likely than not, Brady is staying in New England. If he does not, the only feasible alternative is the Los Angeles Chargers.

One way or another, the Buccaneers are going to need to figure out a solution to their quarterback dilemma that does not involve Brady. Whether that includes Winston or not remains to be seen.

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