Browns Reveal What They Hated About Josh McDaniels

Browns Reveal What They Hated About Josh McDaniels

Browns Reveal What They Hated About Josh McDaniels

The Browns revealed what they hated about Josh McDaniels recently.

McDaniels, the offensive coordinator of the New England Patriots, was widely regarded as a favorite to become Cleveland’s next head coach.

This past Friday, McDaniels flew with his wife to formally interview with the Browns with the expectation that an offer would be extended.

Ultimately, an offer was extended – only it went to Minnesota Vikings offensive coordinator Kevin Stefanski.

To add insult to injury, McDaniels reportedly was not even the runner up for the job. That honor went to San Francisco 49ers defensive coordinator Robert Saleh.

So what went wrong for McDaniels?

According to Albert Breer of the NFL Network, despite a good interview, McDaniels’ plans for the organization did not line up with management’s.

McDaniels essentially wanted to blow the Browns up and start anew. Cleveland brass did not want that.

Given the lack of success that the Browns have experienced over the past two decades it is a bit odd that they would not agree more with McDaniels’ assessment, but ultimately they did not.

It remains to be seen if Stefanski will be able to do what 10 coaches before him could not.

Next up on the agenda for Cleveland will be hiring a new general manager.

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Jennifer Withers Hoey

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  1. The problem is that Josh wants DePodesta gone, but JandD are ate up with him. Maybe they need to talk to the other older owners and find out that analytics play only a tiny fraction of the big picture. They are the problem in Cleveland….

  2. This is obviously indicative of the problem in Cleveland. Self absorbed, delusional and blind management that doesnt understand how an NFL organization should be run. This is why they will continue to fail miserably.

  3. I’m a bit curious as to your use of the word “hate” as in “that the Browns reviled what they hated about Josh McDaniels recently.”
    Did someone in the Browns front office actually state there was something about McDaniels they “hated”?? Or was the word “hate” somehow accidentally used by you in the narrative? “Hate” is a rather strong word to be used by anyone in an executive position with a professional sports team, don’t you think?
    I look forward to your response.

  4. Cleveland will never be a real NFL team – you have to win. Josh McDaniels is too good for the Browns. He would have to wear a brown paper bag over his head so nobody would know he was their coach. No offense to the owner, players and the citizens that love the city, but you messed up. Patriot fan forever. You wish you could be like them. Haters will hate.

  5. The author (s) underestimate the Haslam factor. Jim Haslam will never relinquish any bit of control of his projects. Just ask any University of Tennessee sports insiders. That is why McDaniel’s request fell on deaf (and old) ears.

    The other commenters and the writer are on the right track.

  6. I find it a bit interesting – the surprise and outrage that the Browns passed on McDaniels. When you look a little closer, this is less of a surprise considering that since his coaching disaster in Denver and the infamous decision to accept the HC job in Indianapolis, only to “change his mind” and go back to the Patriots.

    McDaniels been passed up by several franchises, most recently the Browns but last season when the Packers chose a relatively unknown Matt LeFleur over McDaniels. Packer fans (and the media) were stunned. This season, not only the Browns but the Panthers passed and they didn’t even want to interview him. The Giants “fell in love” with the Patriots WR coach, again…didn’t even interview McDaniels. This doesn’t happen by accident. Maybe it’s McDaniels.

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