Browns Players Had Odd Response To Myles Garrett Attack

Browns Players Had Odd Response To Myles Garrett Attack

Browns Players Had Odd Response To Myles Garrett Attack

Cleveland Browns players had an odd response to the Myles Garrett attack.

Thursday night’s boring showdown between Cleveland and the Pittsburgh Steelers was overshadowed by something that took place in the final moments.

With the game locked up in the Browns’ favor and time ticking off the clock, Garrett and Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph got into a fight.

A brawl between two football players is nothing out of the ordinary, obviously.

What is out of the ordinary, however, is what happened during the fight.

Midway through, Garrett ripped Rudolph’s helmet off and then bashed him in the head with it.

According to ESPN, as the event was happening, Cleveland players cheered it on.

“Wildest thing I ever saw,” Jeremy Fowler reported.

“Was 10 yards from it. Myles Garrett completely lost it, connected the helmet square on Mason Rudolph’s head.

“And the Browns were celebrating the whole thing from the sideline.”

What Garrett did is bad enough, but his teammates cheering it on takes the situation to a whole new level.

Where will the league ultimately come down on all this?

We should find out for sure in the next few days.

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