Bronny James GF Rumors Elicit Strong Response On Social Media (Photos)

Bronny James GF Rumors Elicit Strong Response On Social Media (Photos)

Bronny James occupies a unique middle ground between being one of the most well-known high school prospects in the nation and the son of arguably the greatest NBA player of all time.

That combination of factors has made him a mainstay in the headlines for a variety of reasons.

The trend continued recently, with a particular focus on his romantic life.

In a now-viral Instagram post, the purported details of Bronny’s love life were shared online:


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Almost immediately, the comments on this post turned to the racial dynamics involved.

“Growing up with beаutiful Blаck pаrents аnd Blаck siblings, but letting me go get а white girl… chile,” one person wrote.

“How could you not wаnt а Blаck womаn аfter being rаised by а womаn аs beаutiful аnd Blаck аs Sаvаnаh? I cаn’t stаnd it. I’d be heаrtbroken,” a second person added.

“I’m rooting for everyone black so yeah lol,” another comment read.

“He goes to sierra canyon, its a predominantly white school😂.. all his past exs are white/light hispanics too that was always his type,” another added.

“lol most non black people can live around black people and still date their own race,” a fourth person noted.

That said, some had a different perspective.

“It’s sad to see black woman under here upset about a child’s decision on who he dates. Lmaoo y’all are giving the girls pressed and it’s absolutely embarrassing,” one woman noted.

“This long winded … as long as he doesn’t disrespect black women, we don’t care. Date who he want,” another added.

This isn’t the first time Bronny and a girl have gone viral.

In the past he has also been linked to at least one Instagram model.

Bronny’s larger than life profile has and will continue to open him up to scrutiny from the public. It’s not fair, but it’s also unavoidable. It’s the price you pay for fame.

Currently, there are four universities with legitimate interest in adding Bronny to their school. If he goes to college and becomes a star player there, his notoriety will grow even higher.

How will he respond to the pressure and nonstop media attention? Will he handle it as well as his dad has?

Time will tell.

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