Bronny James Facing 3 Big Decisions About Future

Bronny James Facing 3 Big Decisions About Future

Bronny James is the eldest son of Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James and one of the top young high school basketball prospects in the country.

Between his unique skillset and lineage, his hoops career has been highly scrutinized from the jump.

Beyond that, as a key name in the 2023 class, Bronny’s future options often land him in the headlines.

This week was no exception.

Recently, Joe Vardon of The Athletic presented the three potential options in front of Bronny: college, the G-League or international play.

“The other option in this hypothetical scenario, where LeBron leaves the Lakers as a free agent next summer, is to spend the season living apart from Savannah and the two younger children,” Vardon wrote.

“Families do this all the time, especially in sports. And the James gang has access to private airplanes. But judging by his social media posts alone, does LeBron strike you as someone who would be comfortable living outside of his own home, where his wife and two younger children are?

“(Bronny, in the fall of 2023, will either be in college, with G League Ignite or in Australia … or wherever Rich Paul places him.) Having observed him for the better part of a decade, much more closely than Instagram allows, I don’t buy it, either.”

This isn’t the first time any of these options have been brought up.

On the college front, Bronny has consistently been linked to four of the most prominent universities in all of college basketball. Between them and one dark horse suitor, he has no shortage of choices at that level.

But in recent weeks, the idea of Bronny foregoing college altogether has begun to pick up steam. It’s unclear whether this is because of his recent drop in the national rankings or what, but there is suddenly way more talk about him skipping college than there ever was prior.

It could also be due to LeBron reaffirming in recent interviews that he wants to play alongside Bronny in the NBA before he retires. There is really only one team that’s well-positioned to land both father and son James, so it would certainly make sense that the sense of urgency surrounding making that happen would change plans up a bit.

In any case, it will be interesting to see where Bronny goes from here. The youngster’s basketball skills have yet to be battle-tested at the next level, but his mental fortitude is second to none.

Bronny has had to fend off criticism about how his 15-year-old brother is a better player (and bigger) as well as controversy surrounding his girlfriend, but he has handled it all with dignity and grace.


Whatever the future holds for Bronny and the James family as a whole, few have proven themselves more capable of handling life’s inevitable challenges than they have.

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