Brian Windhorst’s Blunt Confession About LeBron James Relationship

Brian Windhorst’s Blunt Confession About LeBron James Relationship

Brian Windhorst is one of the most prominent and respected NBA insiders in the game today.

Although these days he breaks a variety of news stories about a myriad of players, one in particular originally put him on the map: LeBron James.

Back when James was on his first run with the Cleveland Cavaliers, Windhorst was a reporter for the Akron Beacon-Journal.

When James made his infamous ‘Decision’ to join the Miami Heat in 2010, Windhorst was hired away by ESPN to continue his coverage. He has been with the Worldwide Leader in Sports ever since.

This week, Windhorst appeared on the SI Media Podcast and made an interesting confession: he and James aren’t especially close anymore.

“In years past, I had messaged with him, but we both kind of moved on,” Windhorst said. “LeBron doesn’t have personal relationships like that with reporters. He hasn’t for a long time.”

That shift in their dynamic would certainly explain a lot. Namely, Windhorst’s blunt assessment of Bronny and Bryce James’ NBA prospects and some of the things he has said about the L.A. Lakers star in recent years.

Windhorst doesn’t come off as a mouthpiece for James, and now we know why.

James and the Lakers are heading into a very important season. It will have massive ramifications for both of their legacies.

Last year’s disappointing run, one that ended with all parties involved not making the playoffs, was a stain on everyone’s records. The desire to ensure that history doesn’t repeat itself is strong.

Windhorst, meanwhile, will continue to sit and watch everything unfold. Although his relationship with James isn’t as good anymore, it hasn’t really impacted his news breaking abilities.

Will these two be able to mend fences when James retires and Windhorst no longer actively has to cover him?

One can only hope.

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