Brett Favre Has Fresh Take On Cowboys Hiring McCarthy

Brett Favre Has Fresh Take On Cowboys Hiring McCarthy

Brett Favre Has Fresh Take On Cowboys Hiring McCarthy

Brett Favre had a fresh take on the Cowboys hiring Mike McCarthy.

While McCarthy and Aaron Rodgers did not end their relationship on the best of terms, the same cannot be said for McCarthy and Favre.

This week Favre appeared on SiriusXM NFL Radio and gave Dallas a huge thumbs up for its decision to hire his old coach.

“I think he’ll do a great job,” he said.

“I had him in 1999, and that was basically the middle of my career, and after that year he was gone but then he came back obviously as the head coach. And really a bright mind. Good for a quarterback.”

Favre did not stop there, though.

“I think any young quarterback would like him. And he’s very understandable, much like Brian Daboll at Buffalo and Darrell Bevell, guys who are coaching right now, relate to the guys very well.

“And I think that’s important, on top of his Xs and Os mentality,” he continued.

“Obviously he’s had Aaron Rodgers and that certainly helps but I do think he brings a level of toughness, but also a confidence that as a player, as a quarterback for him, you feel confident in the plays that he calls that he’s going to call plays that cater more to your ability rather than maybe a previous guy he had.

“So I think he’s a simple but yet confidence-building and technique-driven coach.”

The Cowboys hired McCarthy after parting ways with Jason Garrett.

Garrett served as the team’s head coach for nearly a decade, but severely underperformed in 2019 and paid the price for it.

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