Bre Tiesi Opens OnlyFans Account After Johnny Manziel Divorce

Bre Tiesi Opens OnlyFans Account After Johnny Manziel Divorce

Bre Tiesi Opens OnlyFans Account After Johnny Manziel Divorce

Bre Tiesi opened an OnlyFans account after filing for divorce from Johnny Manziel.

The move comes on the heels of the pair’s separation. Tiesi initially filed for divorce from Manizel back in late 2019, but the proceedings got delayed for a variety of reasons. As a result, two are now in a state of flux – neither together nor officially separated in a way that is recognized by the law.

That being said, both Manziel and Tiesi seem to be moving on. The former has been posting actively on social media and seems to be in good spirits. The latter, meanwhile, is venturing into a new money-making opportunity.

In a message on OnlyFans posted on Tuesday, Tiesi suggests she is excited for what may be ahead.

“Hi guys,” she wrote.

“I’m excited to begin this journey with you, and share more of my world with you. I can’t wait to share things I’ve never shown anywhere else and finally give you a sneak peak into my life, in front of and behind the camera. Don’t be a stranger send me a message and say hey!”

Tiesi and Manziel separated after she accused him of cheating in a public social media post. The post was made in 2019 – a year after the pair’s 2018 marriage.

The two initially got together back in 2016, a time when Manziel’s football future looked a lot brighter than it did towards the end of their marital period.

It remains to be seen how successful Tiesi’s OnlyFans account will ultimately end up being.

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