Bradley Beal Gets Honest About John Wall Relationship

Bradley Beal Gets Honest About John Wall Relationship

Bradley Beal and John Wall were at one point the source of great optimism within the Washington Wizards organization. The hope was that they’d be able to team up and dominate the Eastern Conference for many years to come.

Unfortunately, a myriad of injuries robbed Wall of his prime – leading to his eventual ouster from the franchise before he and Beal could actually accomplish anything of note.

Right before Wall got dealt, Beal maintained some hope that perhaps and he and his teammate would be able to put something special together.

“I’m way better [now] than what I was when we were younger, playing Boston in [2016-17] and lost in the second round, way better player than that,” Beal said on the Draymond Green Show last week.

“I knew John was pretty much climbing into his prime right around this time. I’m like, ‘well I’m a new newly tuned-up player waiting on this athletic freak of nature to come back, like, let’s give it one more shot. Let’s give it one more shot.’”

Unfortunately, the Wizards opted to go in a different direction. The team dealt Wall to the Houston Rockets, ending his partnership with Beal then and there.

Beal hopes that folks understand that he and Wall always liked each other.

“We both hated that there was a picture painted that we didn’t like each other, that we didn’t like playing with each other,” Beal said.

“Us being young guys at the time…we weren’t mature enough to just have a conversation. We would kind of read into it. So it’s just kind of a silent, ‘Dang you feel like that? Nah, he can’t feel like that,’ until eventually, it’s like, ‘alright now, boom, yo bro how you feeling?’ So once we had that conversation it was just, okay that’s dead. It’s just noise to kind of get us rattled or get us off our track.”

Wall has always been very open about his beef with the Wizards. That said, he has never had anything but positive things to say publicly about Beal.

And by extension, both Beal and his wife have always held a very strong stance on their relationship with Wall.

Maybe one day down the line, if everything falls into place perfectly, Wall and Beal can reunite on the Wizards and live up to the promise they once showed together.

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