Bills QB Josh Allen Undergoes Incredible Body Transformation

Bills QB Josh Allen Undergoes Incredible Body Transformation

Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen came within a coin flip of possibly making the AFC Championship Game this past year.

Despite not winning it all, the 25-year-old firmly established himself as one of the premiere talents in the NFL and big star in the league for many years to come.

That said – there is always room for improvement.

And it appears as though Allen has been working hard on improving over the offseason.

On Wednesday, photos emerged of Allen looking absolutely jacked. The visual largely speaks for itself:

Allen was already six-foot-five and weighed in at 235 pounds. With all this newfound muscle, he is going to be an absolute beast to bring down.

In 2021-22, Allen rushed for 763 yards and six scores. It’s a safe assumption that those numbers will likely grow considerably next year now he has added all this newfound strength.

Allen signed a six-year, $258 million extension with the Bills last year, so many wondered if maybe he’d get lazy or complacent. Then came all the photos of him out and partying with his girl in L.A. – and naturally the rumors erupted.

Clearly Allen is still very serious about his craft, though.

It is worth noting, a body transformation isn’t always a sign of good things to come. Recent history has taught us that. But it’s still generally better than the alternative.

Will Allen be able to lead the Bills further in 2022-23 than he did in 2021-22?

Time will tell.

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