Big NBA Trades Brewing Between Celtics, Bulls And Jazz?

Big NBA Trades Brewing Between Celtics, Bulls And Jazz?

The Boston Celtics have been linked to more potential NBA trades than any other team in the league.

There has been chatter surrounding Damian Lillard, talk of blowing up the existing roster and even a proposed John Wall deal.

It feels like Boston has a lot of options.

But what direction will the Celtics decide to go in?

According to Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report, there are two potential trades to keep an eye on.

“In other Celtics discussions, Boston continues searching for landing spots for point guard Dennis Schroder and wing Josh Richardson,” he wrote.

“A framework of Schroder to [the] Chicago [Bulls] for Troy Brown Jr. and a second-round pick has circulated around the league, while the [Utah] Jazz have been consistently mentioned as a possible destination for Richardson.”

It will be interesting to see if anything materializes on either front here.

The Celtics expressed interest in trading for one particular Jazz player last week, but that potential deal is off the table. So either these two squads will rework something or they’ll move on.

It feels like the Jazz are competing against at least three teams for every player they’re hoping to acquire ahead of the NBA Trade Deadline – so there’s a good chance they’ll just walk away empty-handed when it’s all said and done.

Chicago, similarly, has expressed interest in trading away one player. But outside of that the Bulls haven’t been linked to much.

Watch this space. All three aforementioned teams have a little more than a week to put something together that will set themselves up for a strong end to the season.

Will they be able to get it done? Time will tell.

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