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Bengals Indicate Joe Burrow May Not Be Their Draft Pick

Bengals Indicate Joe Burrow May Not Be Their Draft Pick

Bengals Indicate Joe Burrow May Not Be Their Draft Pick

The Bengals indicated Joe Burrow may not be their draft pick in comments made this week.

Cincinnati finished the 2019 season with a record of 2-14. That secured the franchise the top overall selection in the 2020 NFL Draft.

The presumption up to this point has been that the organization would take Burrow, a Heisman-winning proven champion from LSU.

With Andy Dalton officially on the outs, it seemed only natural that the Bengals needed a new quarterback cornerstone to build around.

On Friday, head coach Zac Taylor suggested that may not in fact be the case.

Speaking to reporters, Taylor refused to commit to Burrow as the team’s preferred draft selection and suggested that a lot more research needed to be done before a decision could be made.

“We’ve started the process of evaluating him,” Taylor said of Burrow.

“We certainly have a long way to go before making decisions on what we’re doing with the first pick.

“That’s been exciting. We’re not preparing for an opponent, so we have a chance to jump into the actual film work for all the position groups.”

What makes Taylor’s comments all the more interesting is that reports recently surfaced suggesting that the Los Angeles Chargers and Carolina Panthers are interested in trading for the top pick.

If the Bengals truly are not interested in Burrow and feel like they could get a similar-level quarterback later in the draft, they could move the pick to one of those teams and come away with a huge haul.

Of course, this could also all just be a smoke screen. Time will tell.

In the mean time, Burrow and his family have confirmed that the LSU star would not pull an Eli Manning if the Bengals tried to draft him. Appearing on a radio show this week, Burrow’s father said that his son would love to be Cincinnati’s new quarterback.

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