Austin Reaves Reveals Lakers Teammate He Learned Most From

Austin Reaves Reveals Lakers Teammate He Learned Most From

Austin Reaves is one of the NBA’s biggest rising stars at the moment.

After a successful 2022-23 campaign with the Los Angeles Lakers, the 25-year-old earned a massive contract extension from the front office to the tune of four years and $54 million.

Shortly thereafter, Reaves was invited to play for Team USA in international play.

His stock has never been higher.

During a recent appearance on the ‘Full Send’ podcast, Reaves broke down which former Lakers teammate he learned the most from.

As it turns out, it was Rajon Rondo.

“First year, he was only here for half a year, but Rondo was someone I asked a billion questions a day to,” Reaves said.

“He’s an IQ guy and Frank Vogel told me when I signed my deal, he sent me back on the plane, and he wanted me to be where he was and ask him questions. He probably taught me the most. The amount of time I was with him. If we were out of practice for 45 minutes, I’ve asked him 20-30 questions.”

Although Reaves and Rondo only essentially spent half a season together, clearly the latter had a very significant influence on the former.

A lot of people have weighed in on Reaves in recent days. The most recent was obviously Kyrie Irving.

Everyone is impressed by the youngster.

As for Reaves, he has just been spending his offseason getting paid, partying with his girlfriend and trying to get better.

Obviously expectations for him will skyrocket in 2023-24.

Will Reaves be able to justify the faith that the Lakers and everyone else have in him come next season? Time will tell.

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