Are Texans Trading Deshaun Watson To Dolphins?

Are Texans Trading Deshaun Watson To Dolphins?

Deshaun Watson’s relationship with the Houston Texans is not in a good place.

According to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, Watson was extremely miffed by his organization’s decision to hire Nick Caserio as general manager without consulting him.

In a report for ESPN, Chris Mortenson confirmed Watson’s agitation and suggested that a trade could loom as a result.

“Reports that Deshaun Watson is unhappy with the Texans are accurate,” Mortsenen reported.

“After the team hired Nick Caserio as GM, it did not interview Chiefs (offensive coordinator) Eric Bieniemy as a head coach candidate, sources have confirmed. Watson has a new $156 million (contract), but … the franchise’s insensitivity on social injustice causes have been reinforced, and a source close to the quarterback says he very well could push for a trade.

“And get this — one scenario for a landing spot is the Miami Dolphins, trading places with Tua Tagovailoa to the Houston Texans. And you’re not going to get anything but denials at this stage from both franchises, Adam, but this is an offseason puzzle we may be trying to put together.”

In a follow-up report, ESPN NFL insider Adam Schefter offered some additional credence to the idea that a Watson-to-Miami deal was feasible.

“Tua for Watson? We’ll have some things to talk about here in the coming weeks,” Schefter said.

“And the other option at Watson’s disposal in the opinion of people around the league would be this — withholding his services from the Houston Texans. That’s how angry he’s said to be. And again, it’s only January. It’s just getting started.

“Perhaps they can calm him down and talk to him. But that is also an option that the Texans would not want to see, where Deshaun Watson would wind up withholding his services, threatening to retire or at least not go to Houston. But this is an issue that’s not going away.”

Obviously there are a lot of moving pieces at work, but any time a franchise is considering moving its marquee superstar, things obviously aren’t heading in the right direction.

Is Watson to the Dolphins a lock? Definitely not. The Philadelphia Eagles have also been cited as a potential destination for Watson.

But one way or another, it is quickly becoming apparent that the relationship between Watson and Houston is growing untenable.

Will that lead to a trade of some sort? Time will tell.

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