Are Refs Allowing Titans To Blatantly Cheat vs Ravens? (Video)

Are Refs Allowing Titans To Blatantly Cheat vs Ravens? (Video)

Are the referees allowing the Tennessee Titans to blatantly cheat against the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday? It certainly looks that way.

With the score tied 0-0 and six minutes remaining in the first quarter, Titans quarterback Ryan Tannehill and wide receiver A.J. Brown connected on a touchdown pass in the end zone.

Suddenly, Tennessee found itself up 7-0 early.

The problem? That touchdown clearly shouldn’t have counted.

How did the officials miss such a blatant case of pass interference? It’s hard to say. But fans were absolutely livid.

Obviously bad calls happen and it is what it is, but for something that egregious to not be called is insane. These are the playoffs. There are no do-overs here.

Honestly, Lamar Jackson isn’t good in the playoffs anyway, so the officials really don’t need to work this hard to screw over the Ravens.

Maybe the Ravens will be able to overcome that terrible call, maybe not. But either way, it shouldn’t have happened and hopefully the powers that be review it closely when they’re analyzing referee performance.

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