Are Patriots Preparing To Hire Adam Gase?

Are Patriots Preparing To Hire Adam Gase?

Adam Gase’s miserable tenure with the New York Jets is coming to a merciful end. The big question now becomes: where does the 42-year-old go from here? If recent comments by Bill Belichick are any indication, then the answer might be the New England Patriots.

“I have a lot of respect for Adam,” Belichick said Wednesday morning.

“I think he’s a very good coach, he’s always been tough to coach against. He’s always made things difficult on our defense.”

In Belichick’s estimation, Gase has done a great job with young quarterback Sam Darnold.

“I know [Darnold is] getting good coaching and has a good system that works through the quarterback,” he continued.

“Adam has always had an offensive system that really gave the quarterbacks all the opportunities to have tools that they need to be successful. I don’t think you can have anybody better coaching him than where he’s at. He’s progressing as you would expect he would.”

Belichick’s take on how Gase has impacted Darnold’s career is not shared by too many folks around the league.

The Jets are planning to fire Gase this coming week. Although New York started the season 0-13, the team has won two straight, shattering hopes and dreams of capturing the No. 1 overall draft pick and selecting Clemson star Trevor Lawrence.

Gase hasn’t experienced a winning season as a head coach since 2016 ,when he led the Miami Dolphins to a 10-6 mark.

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