App Store to allow only Native Gambling iOS Apps

Apple is going through a reformation in it’s for its App Store the HTML 5 games got disturbed because of it.  After such interruption which may potentially damage their reputation, Apple has come to the strict rule that no apps which boast of themselves of providing lotteries, charitable donations or money through gaming would be streamed on the app. This may not be the first time that Apple has gone through reformation, but this time, it has been way more rigid in its decisions.

From now on, only native apps will be live on the App Store of Apple. On the other hands, all sorts of companies who design poker, spot betting, casino, lottery, and racing app through money will have to make their apps removed from it.  Degree 53, a Digital Marketing agency said in a statement, the main problems of these companies are they make a majority of the app as containers or part of a game, rather than making a full-fledged app.

Apple has set a strict deadline of September 3, 2019, to remove their old products and remodel them to make a full-fledged native app. Thereby; time is becoming a significant constraint here. Betfred has warned Apple that the process might not be achieved in this stipulated time as it is time-consuming.

To make their apps continue to stay in the App Store, developers will now have to remodel their sportsbook. This may, however, be an easy solution rather than transferring the entire app. But the vast use of HTML5 solutions may lead to some delays in getting a perfect response when companies will remodel their sportsbook code with a new layout.

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