Antonio Brown Deemed Suicide Risk?

Antonio Brown Deemed Suicide Risk?

Antonio Brown Deemed Suicide Risk?

Was Antonio Brown deemed a suicide risk?

The former NFL wide receiver appeared in court early Friday morning after turning himself in to police.

One day earlier, an arrest warrant was issued for Brown over a burglary with battery charge.

The charge stemmed from an alleged altercation between Brown, his trainer and the driver of a moving truck.

Brown stands accused of throwing rocks at the truck and driver, while his trainer Glenn Holt also participated in the incident in some capacity.

Holt was arrested first on Wednesday, but police could not get to Brown until Thursday because he reportedly locked himself in his house.

Video of Brown’s first appearance in court on Friday drew some intrigue.

As noted by one reporter, Brown appeared to be wearing an “anti-suicide smock.”

An “anti-suicide smock” is utilized when officials want to ensure that the outfit a detainee is wearing will not be using for the purposes of hanging themselves

Brown was ultimately granted bail on Friday and will need to undergo a mental health evaluation as a condition of his release.

Brown started last year off as a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers, before ultimately being traded to the Oakland Raiders.

The Raiders cut him during the offseason despite Brown never having played a single down for them, and he ended up signing with the New England Patriots. He went on to play a single outing for the Patriots before ultimately being released following an alleged sexual assault incident.

Brown has not played in the NFL since September of 2019.

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