Antonio Brown Calls Star Quarterback Racist Slur

Antonio Brown Calls Star Quarterback Racist Slur

Antonio Brown Calls Star Quarterback Racist Slur

Antonio Brown called a star quarterback a racist slur.

It is no secret that Brown and his former quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger, had a complex relationship.

The two enjoyed immense success together, obviously, but it came with a lot of drama attached.

Recently, ESPN NFL insider Jeremy Fowler did a deep dive into Brown’s career. The goal was to determine whether the polarizing wide receiver would ever be able to return to the league again.

In the process, he uncovered that Brown had a tendency to use a racial slur when insulting people who he felt crossed him.

Apparently, when Roethlisberger once attempted to enforce a “no music” policy in the team locker room, Brown replied, “F**k you, cracker.”

“With him, it’s either hot or cold,” former Steelers running back Josh Harris admitted in the ESPN column.

“If he’s in a good mood, he’s in a great one, having a good time. Then you’ll see him another day, you’ll see his face and you don’t really want to say a lot because you know something has happened.”

Aside from Roethlisberger, Brown once also reportedly referred to Oakland Raiders general manager Mike Mayock as a “cracker.”

Brown would ultimately deny using it on that occasion, but given his history of throwing the word around, it stands to reason that some would be dubious.

Will Brown’s behavior ultimately prevent him from returning to the NFL? It is hard to say for certain. The league has welcomed back far more villainous characters with far greater transgressions on their records.

But is it a lock that someone will opt to take a chance on Brown at this stage in his career? Absolutely not.

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  1. All of this stuff is beyond ridiculous. People are just people, and people often times say nice sounding things when happy, and maybe not so nice things when they are not happy. But what they say in the moment really should not be given such IMMENSE weight such that they are entirely destroyed for simply being human beings. Big f ing deal. And to boot, anyone who has fallen into the boat of thinking poorly of ANY ONE for SIMPLY being human has become, himself, not only his / her own worst enemy, but is, in essence, allowing his / herself to be used like a tool on behalf of this entire agenda, an agenda to DISTORT our entire culture, agenda to STRIP people of their innate RIGHT to simply ‘be’ a human being. I am an Italian and a Scottish Irishman, and from time to time people have referred to me as a ‘wop’, a ‘mick’ and so forth. And you know what I say ? Big—f–ing—deal! So what??? Does it hurt me? Does it affect me? My answer is absolutely NO. Do I ‘judge’ who says these things to me poorly??? Or henceforwardly choose to label them a ‘racist’? Or Bigot? Or anything else like this? My answer is absolutely NO. They are just being what human beings are and always have been : Human. Human beings have an innate right to simply say whatever they wish to say to whoever they wish to say it, and whatever they say has ZERO power in itself to affect anyone in any real way, in fact, as I see it, for whatever reason, it seems that this major and very tired ‘push’ to turn all grown women and men into crybabies is something that also turns everyone into a mindless weakling void of any innate inner strength, power, or self-identity. Antonio Brown can call as many of us white people ‘crackers’ as he so wishes, and so what, big deal. Human expression SHOULD be as such, and maybe everyone should just WAKE UP and STOP buying into this whole sh it show.

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