Philip Rivers, LA Chargers Done With Each Other

Philip Rivers, LA Chargers Done With Each Other

Philip Rivers, LA Chargers Done With Each Other

Philip Rivers and the LA Chargers are done with each other, it would appear.

Coming into this season expectations were very high for the Chargers. There was a whole lot of talk about a possible Chargers vs LA Rams Super Bowl showdown.

Unfortunately, things never quite panned out.

Melvin Gordon’s ill-advised decision to sit out got the offense off to a clunky start, and injuries severely downgraded the defense.

As the Chargers continued to lose this year, whispers regarding Rivers not returning began to grow louder and louder.

Part of the problem has been that Rivers very clearly does not like Los Angeles as a city. After the Chargers moved, he refused to relocate his family – instead opting for an insane commute every week.

Beyond that, Rivers has not had the most efficient of seasons. Yes, he still surpassed 4,000 yards on the year. But he also recorded only 21 touchdowns, compared with 18 interceptions.

Rivers’ inability to protect the football and reduce his interceptions has been a big reason why the Chargers keep losing games by a touchdown or less.

With each passing loss, talk of Rivers leaving LA and being replaced by Tom Brady or a younger quarterback grows louder and louder.

The Chargers need a personality who can move the needle and play the quarterback position effectively, and it is no longer clear that Rivers is that person.

Many wondered if maybe Rivers would simply call it quits and retire come season’s end, but that does not appear to be the case.

“I’m capable enough physically and mentally, there’s no question,” Rivers said this week.

“Yes, I do want to play football. I do, and that’s how I feel deep down as I stand here.”

Rivers admitted that he knows time is working against him, but he is simply not ready to call it a career yet.

“There’s a lot of factors. There’s a personal side and family side to mine,” he said.

“I’m going to have a daughter in college as well, too. So time is ticking, and I’ve got a sixth-grade son that I’ve got to get ready to coach at some point, so there’s all kinds of factors.”

So long as he feels like he can continue to produce at a high level, though, Rivers sees no reason to hang up his cleats.

“But I know I can still do it, and I know I can still do it at a high enough level for us to win,” he added.

There comes a certain time in a lot of NFL quarterbacks’ careers where it becomes apparent that it is time for them to move on. Rivers is at that point.

Come 2020, the Chargers will likely have a different starting quarterback and Rivers will almost certainly be starting for a completely different franchise.

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  1. Hard to believe that Drew Breed and Philip Rivers were once teammates back in 2003. Breed was injured in 2004 season and was traded to New Orleans. I wonder if he stayed in San Diego if the chargers could have won a super bowl. Who will be the charger’s q.v. next year? There was really no back up this yr.

    1. No the Chargers would not have won a Super Bowl with Brees. If Rivers would have went to NO he would have the Super Bowl wins. The problem with the Chargers is and has been the Owners.. Rivers is this Generations Dan Marino. I will always be a Charger fan , but l will Pull for Rivers to beat them if he goes to another team.

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