Anthony Edwards’ Blunt Reaction To Suns Getting Kevin Durant

Anthony Edwards’ Blunt Reaction To Suns Getting Kevin Durant

Anthony Edwards’ prolific personality is one of the attributes that has quickly turned him into the face of the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Karl-Anthony Towns has been around longer. He’s the one with the famous girlfriend he can’t stop doting over. He was supposed to be the franchise star. But clearly that title belongs to Edwards now.

As such, it was only fitting that when someone had to react to this year’s wild NBA Trade Deadline moves that saw Kevin Durant land with the Phoenix Suns and Kyrie Irving join the Dallas Mavericks, Edwards was the one to do it.

Turns out, neither Durant nor Irving put any fear in Edwards’ heart.

“I’m a competitor, I feel like I’m just as good as anyone of those guys that got traded,” Edwards said.

“And I feel like I can guard any one of them. They got KD but we got Jaden McDaniels who can guard him. We’re here for it, we’re young.”

While people will obviously quibble with the idea that Edwards is already as good as Durant, one of the greatest players of all time, you have to appreciate his spirit.

What’s truly funny about all this is that, coming into the league, the big red flag and question mark surrounding Edwards was his competitive drive. People weren’t sure if he cared enough about being a great player.

It’s safe to say that those questions have now been answered sufficiently.

The Wolves have had a rough year. The infighting amongst teammates hasn’t been great, obviously. But despite it all they are still just three games out of third place in the West with a lot of season remaining.

On paper, this group has as much talent as just about anyone above them in the standings.

Will Edwards and the Wolves be able to rally after the All-Star Break and really show that they have no reason to fear Durant’s Suns and Irving’s Mavs? Time will tell.

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