Anthony Davis’ Reaction To Russell Westbrook Joining Clippers

Anthony Davis’ Reaction To Russell Westbrook Joining Clippers

Anthony Davis took a moment this past week to offer his thoughts on his now-former teammate, Russell Westbrook, joining the Los Angeles Clippers.

Ahead of the NBA Trade Deadline the Los Angeles Lakers dealt Westbrook away to the Utah Jazz in a three-team deal.

That set off a prolonged recruitment period where three teams showed interest in Westbrook, right up until he ultimately decided to join the Clippers.

How did Davis feel about that decision?

“I have no idea what their locker room is like, what their chemistry is like,” Davis said.

“I know they got rid of John (Wall) and Reggie (Jackson), so it’s another point guard for them. I’m not sure how (Ty) Lue and the coaching staff will utilize him, but I’m pretty sure he’s happy to stay in LA.”

Make of that what you will. Given what Davis previously said about Westbrook’s departure and now this, it’s easy to see why some are wondering if the pair is beefing in some capacity.

Westbrook, for what it’s worth, also took a pretty pointed shot at the Lakers this week. His opening remarks at his very first Clippers press conference left little to interpretation.

The next few weeks promise to be interesting. If Westbrook thrives with the Clippers the way some ex-Lakers believe he will, the Lakers will have a lot of egg on their face.

But if Westbrook torpedoes their locker room chemistry the way he has the Lakers’ over the past year and a half, then it will do truly irreparable damage to his legacy.

One way or another, the second half of this season promises to be a fascinating watch.

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