Anthony Davis’ Plan To Save The Lakers In 2021-22

Anthony Davis’ Plan To Save The Lakers In 2021-22

The Los Angeles Lakers were booted from the playoffs by the Phoenix Suns last week.

Between being ravaged by injuries, internal drama and the match-up challenges that Phoenix presented – the defending champs never stood much of a chance.

In his response to his team’s failure to win a second consecutive title, Lakers big man Anthony Davis quietly mapped out a plan for how to get better.

For Davis, this offseason will be all about going back to the drawing board and sketching up a gameplan that will return the Lakers to championship glory.

“We’ll go back, I know me and Bron will for sure and the coaches will too, go back and look at this series,” he said regarding his team’s loss to the Suns, via Matt Peralta of Lakers Nation.

“This wasn’t a great offensive series for us and figure out action that’s more effective with me and Bron in it together or individually and then continue to grow looking at the season overall and where we were effective this season.”

As far as Davis is concerned, it’s very important to figure out how to get other Lakers players involved.

“Just think about new actions that they can get involved in, watching other teams and some good action from other teams. And it’s also based on personnel, the team that we have,” he continued.

“So we’ll think about it when we get closer to next season as far as schemes and plays and things like that for me and Bron.”

James has already laid out what the Lakers’ top offseason priority is.

In addition to that, the team will need to figure out how to the handle the time bomb that is Dennis Schroder, who to trade Kyle Kuzma to, and what to do with Alex Caruso.

If they can do all that and follow Davis’ plan, there’s no reason why the Lakers can’t be a serious contender to win the title next year.

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