LeBron James Names Top Offseason Priority For Lakers

LeBron James Names Top Offseason Priority For Lakers

One season after winning it all the Los Angeles Lakers were unceremoniously booted from the playoffs in the first round by the Phoenix Suns.

A lot of factors ultimately contributed to LA’s disappointing finish. The team was absolutely ravaged by injuries, to start. Plus, two new additions in Montrezl Harrell and Dennis Schroder couldn’t stop posting random, negative stuff on social media.

And of course the trade rumors surrounding one of the Lakers’ biggest names didn’t help matters any.

This week, LeBron James went into great detail regarding the one thing that is absolutely the Lakers’ top priority in the offseason.

That one thing? Getting Anthony Davis healthy.

“I trust Rob, I trust Kurt [Rambis], trust everyone upstairs that does their diligence and our coaching staff and things of that nature,” he said.

“Obviously number one thing for us is getting AD healthy. That’s number one. It doesn’t matter what changes we make. We got to get big fella healthy and needs back to where he was before the injury.”

James also admitted that getting himself healthy was also a priority.

“Get my ankle back right which I.. a thousand percent I already know that I’ll be 100 percent as far as my ankle when the season starts in October and then go from there,” James added.

“That put us in best possible chance to be successful next year. But like I said, Rob will do his due diligence and construct this team to where it needs to be to compete for a championship once again.”

This is going to be a big offseason for LA. If they bounce back strong and win a title next year, everything that transpired this season will be written off as an aberration. If not – then the Lakers’ championship window with James at the helm will be deemed closed for good.

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