Anthony Davis Gets Brutally Honest About What’s Wrong With Lakers

Anthony Davis Gets Brutally Honest About What’s Wrong With Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers came into the new season with a ton of hype surrounding the franchise.

Last year’s march to the Western Conference Finals left people under the impression that this squad, as presently constructed, could compete for an NBA championship.

Thus far they haven’t looked like a title contender for large swaths of this season. In fact, their current 15-14 mark has them sitting outside the Western Conference playoff picture at the moment.

Already, there are talks about changes that need to be made. A blockbuster trade has been floated to change the team’s fortunes. A sneaky pick-up has been suggested. Heck, two frontrunners have even emerged to replace Darvin Ham.

This week, Anthony Davis spoke to the media and tried to get to the crux of what has been wrong with his squad.

“We’re still a good ball club, we still believe what we can do,” Davis said.

“But it’s hard to assess our team when it fluctuates. You got guys being out and guys, when they’re back, trying to find their legs. Vando’s pushing through what he’s pushing through, me with the ankle, so it’s just a lot and we’re trying to figure out what guys are playing and are not playing.

“Some games we might see Jax and C-Wood, some not. It’s just a lot but we still gotta buckle down and get wins. We know what we can be, we’ve shown what we can be.”

Obviously the Lakers are only 29 games into the season.

There is still plenty of time to right the ship.

That said, something needs to be done. L.A. is not looking like a good team at the moment.

Will Davis be able to figure out a way to get the Lakers back on track in 2024 before it proves to be too late? Time will tell.

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