3 Donovan Mitchell Trade Frontrunners Emerge Amid Cavaliers Rumors

3 Donovan Mitchell Trade Frontrunners Emerge Amid Cavaliers Rumors

Donovan Mitchell’s time with the Cleveland Cavaliers has proven to be something of a mixed bag.

When the prolific 27-year-old first arrived in town, there was as ton of optimism surrounding what he could mean to the franchise. Over the past year, though – something changed.

The Cavaliers have definitely still been better with Mitchell than without him, but a certain level of inevitability regarding his eventual exit has dampened the proceedings. Nobody seems to believe that he will remain in Cleveland long-term.

As a result, Mitchell has become one of the hottest names to watch ahead of this year’s NBA Trade Deadline.

At the moment it is looking like a three-team race for Mitchell’s services if the Cavs decide to trade him this year.

Mitchell has previously made it clear that he expected to land with the New York Knicks when he and the Utah Jazz had their messy break-up. According to Brian Windhorst of The Hoop Collective, one of the Big Apple squads could make a ton of sense here.

“I would say the Knicks and the [Brooklyn] Nets are riding on the line,” Windhorst said.

“Those two teams where I think Donovan would have a chance of resigning. if they got into a bidding war, I think that could be interesting.”

If not one of the New York squads, though – the Miami Heat are waiting in the wings to make a big move as well. Windhorst said as much on his podcast, but Kevin Polton of ESPN took it one step further and broke down how Pat Riley and Co. could make the move happen.

“Mitchell’s modest salary for a star ($33.2 million) means it’s unlikely another team will have to cobble together multiple contracts to match. Miami has Tyler Herro ($27 million) and Kyle Lowry ($29.7 million) in that range,” he wrote.

Bills Simmons offered a take on Mitchell-to-Miami as well.

“If it was Donovan Mitchell for Tyler Herro, [Nikola] Jovic, your 2024, ‘28 and ‘30 firsts, maybe some sort of swap,” Simmons said.

“That’s a pretty good outcome for the Cavs. I think that’s as good as Miami would do. I would not put [Jaime] Jaquez in the trade if I was Miami. I’m just not trading him.”

Ever since Jaquez’s photos with his new girlfriend went viral, everyone has been really adamant about him remaining in Miami. Simmons is no exception, apparently.

For what it is worth, Mitchell doesn’t seem too bothered by all the speculation. He is still having his wild parties and he is still having a good time with his girl.

Clearly he is used to the noise.

That being said, the topic of his future isn’t going away.

Where will Mitchell end up playing once the NBA Trade Deadline comes and goes this season? Time will tell.

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