Another New England Patriots Star Arrested

Another New England Patriots Star Arrested

Another New England Patriots Star Arrested

Another New England Patriots star was arrested recently.

This comes on the heels of wide receiver Julian Edelman getting arrested in Beverly Hills, California, just a couple of weeks ago.

Rookie defensive back Joejuan Williams was reportedly arrested on drug possession charges on January 17.

While in Tennessee, the rookie was apparently apprehended for being “in possession of drugs.”

According to multiple reports, Williams was pulled over on Interstate 40 in Cumberland County over a speeding violation.

In the process of examining the vehicle, police discovered an “unnamed controlled substance, prescription drugs and drug paraphernalia.”

Williams is reportedly now facing charges for “speeding, possession of ac controlled substance, possession of legend drugs without a prescription and possession of drug paraphernalia.”

A second-round pick out of Vanderbilt in 2019, the rookie appeared in 10 game last season.

Neither Bill Belichick nor Robert Kraft have commented on Williams’ arrest up to this point.

Some sort of team response to the incident should come in the next 24 to 48 hours.

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    My comment was not meant for this article, but meant for the Antonio Brown incident. AB good luck with things… Your a hell-of-a baller one of the best at what you do, but your attitude and your actions make you the worst at what you are.. Just saying….. But who am i anyways right? Well I’ll tell you, im one of millions who used to look at you and only wish i had half your talent, im sure if i did i wouldn’t FUCK IT UP…. Just be the 🌟 you were the A.B. people loved ..

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