Andrew Wiggins Can’t Stop Checking Out Kamala Harris (Video)

Andrew Wiggins Can’t Stop Checking Out Kamala Harris (Video)

Andrew Wiggins and the rest of his Golden State Warriors teammates visited President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris at the White House this week.

As the winners of the 2022 NBA championship it was something all parties involved had been looking forward to for some time.

Obviously a lot of great photos and videos came out of the occasion, but one clip in particular really stood out.

It involved Wiggins and Vice President Harris, specifically, and really caught the attention of everyone who saw it:

It didn’t take NBA fans long to deduce what Wiggins was up to in the video.

The reactions flowed in immediately:

Wiggins is something of a low-key personality in the NBA, so a lot of people don’t know a ton about him. Except, of course, what happened during the pandemic last year and how he responded to it.

That said, the man knows how to have fun. His vacation photos with his girl from this past summer are evidence enough of that.

And this is just another example.

Obviously Wiggins will inevitably have to live with a bit of mockery over this incident, but it’s worth it. Will he and the Warriors get the opportunity to visit the White House again in 2024? Time will tell.

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