Allen Iverson Reveals His All-Time NBA Starting 5

Allen Iverson Reveals His All-Time NBA Starting 5

Allen Iverson is recognized by most true hoops aficionados as one of the greatest NBA players of his generation.

Although he never won a title, Iverson came a lot closer to doing so than he probably should have when he guided the Philadelphia 76ers to an NBA Finals appearance in 2001.

Because of his impact both on and off the court, Iverson is uniquely qualified to speak on all things basketball.

This past week, the Sixers legend appeared on Shaquille O’Neal’s podcast and touched on a bevy of topics.

One of the more interesting things Iverson delved into was who his all-time starting five was.

“Steph [Curry], Kobe [Bryant], Mike [Jordan], LeBron [James], Diesel (O’Neal).”

It is hard to dispute anyone on that list.

During the same interview, Iverson also offered a really interesting take on Dallas Mavericks star Luka Doncic.

“The 73 (points in one game), goes without saying,” Iverson noted.

“I’m talking about his style. It’s streetball mixed in. He plays the way he plays. He plays like a black guy. That man got style. He got swag. He’s so cool out there man, everything is slow, major moves. The wet ball, he shoots the blood out of that ball.”

Iverson also revealed who he believed was the best ballhandler in NBA history – an honor some used to bestow upon him.

“[Kyrie Irving] is the best,” Iverson said.

“Steph handle is crazy. Steph, his jumper gets you over. He [crosses] half-court and can let it go. [Kyrie] has the best handles ever. Kyrie will have you beat and then bring it back and play with it, he toys with people. He can still just go, but if he feels like playing with you.”

All in all, Iverson’s appearance on O’Neal’s podcast was second to none.

Iverson is widely recognized as one of the best interviews in the sport – and his chat with O’Neal confirmed why that is the case.

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